All our developers are CS graduates from leading institutions. They work in an intense environment where everyone compliments and competes with each other. They habitually follow conventions, yet being creative with solutions at the same time. They have access to the latest tools, tips, and updates through the 4D Solutions Partner program.

We have built a solid reputation for reliability in over ten years of our business existence. We can provide impressive references on request.

We are accessible 24-hours of the day to our clients. Our in-house Mac OS X server running FTP and Timbuktu has a high-speed permanent connection to the Internet.

Clients can drop off tasks and source code structures in their designated directories. At the end of the day we can either copy the deliverables to our server for clients to pick, or upload them to our clients' server. Our project managers can be contacted via Timbuktu throughout our workday and through international GSM messaging for after-hour alerts.

Our development facility is housed in a Software Technology Park, located at a prime location in Islamabad, which is one of the safest cities in Asia. The premises has back-up power generation, fire-alarm system, in-house security and air-conditioning.

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